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Who We Are

Notso Entertaining Productions was founded in 2016 and has since released 4 games. We are fueled by our love for great entertainment, fantastic graphics and riveting stories. Our talented coder works hard to bring our vision to life in order to create a one of a kind gaming experience for all of our customers.

More about us

We started out with a small adventure game then branched into VR, Adventure games are what we plan to offer with eventually a mix of adventure/FPS style.

We’re into having a good time, and offer our fellow gamers a chance to unleash their inner child through our games. Let us know how we can help you; When it comes to the gaming world, the sky’s the limit.

This is a passion. We strive to excel in creating an atmosphere that allows the player to be totally immersed in each and every title we create.

We Offer

We were commisioned to create a tutorial VR experience for a large project using Oculus and a Vive conversion.

Contact us for a quote on any contracted work:

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    • C#
    • Unity
    • Level Design
    • Mechanics Integration
    • GDD prep

    Some of our past projects

    Pyramid 2016

    Remake of Tandy Pyramid 2000

    Read More
    Pyramid VR

    Pryramid 2016 remade for VR!

    Read More
    Jurrassic Escape

    A dinosaur themed escape room

    Read More

    A small RPG for final class project

    Read More

    The Team


    Lead Designer

    Game Design B.S.

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    Lead Developer/Blender art

    Clunia Studios/Indie developer


    Level Design/mechanics

    Game Design B.S.

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